Gunnersbury Park Dog Show

Gunnersbury Park Fun Dog Show

Sunday 2nd of June – First Sunday of the month – Make a note of it in your diary, write it on the calendar, put a post it note on the fridge
(next to that picture of you in your skinny jeans and your diet plan) Hell, spray it on the wall – whatever it takes, Don’t forget the 2nd of June!

Trust me, you’ll be so glad you didn’t, because that’s the day you’re going on strike  – that’s right – NOBODY’S COOKING!– We’ve got you covered
(AND house work is banned!) Guys – DIY is off for the day – the bar is waiting – at the Gunnersbury Park Fun Dog Show!

Bring a dog, don’t bring a dog – Either way you’re going to have a fun day out that’s FREE to enter ( Yes, I really did say FREE !)

It’s going to be a glorious, sunny day – it definitely WON’T be raining ( I spoke to the weather Gods and it’s booked in!)

Call those friends you keep putting off and finally make a date at our Dog Show
(if you really don’t want to spend too much time with them, it’s perfect, they’ll be plenty going on to distract them,
if you do, they’ll be so happy you invited them along, you’ll be in their good books for the next six months at least!)

Come on your own, bring your partner, bring a date, bring the kids, bring the family, bring your friends, bring the neighbours . . . 

Request your FREE tickets today and keep an eye on this website for updates on events taking place –
but BE WARNED, if you don’t like having fun, this dog show’s not for you!

Two Best In Show Winners

Who will be crowned Mr and Ms Gunnersbury 2019 – Could it be your fur baby?

Register your dog for the fun dog classes today & save money!

Win or lose, your furry friend will have oodles of fun and a rosette – just because they took part!

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Gunnersbury Park Dog Show

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Gunnersbury Park Dog Show

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Gunnersbury Park Dog Show

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Gunnersbury Park Dog Show


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We will use it to pay for dog related improvements in Gunnersbury Park

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2 Best In Show Winners!

15 Classes

Agility Display

Canine Massage

Doggie Salon

By Doggylocks & K9 Waggytails

Kid's Area

Bungee Trampoline
Water Balls
Face Painting
Balloon Modelling

Sponsored Raffle

Doggy School

Doggie Photo Booth

Doggy First Aid

And More!



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Gunnersbury Park Dog Show